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ICAN -National Chapter,    Rochester Chapter
International Cesarean Awareness Network

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services

Choices in Childbirth
DONA International
An organization that certifies and supports birth and postpartum doulas
Eats on Feets Global! is a network that facilitates local woman-to-woman milk sharing via regional chapter pages on facebook. We assert that women are capable of making informed choices and of sharing human milk with one another in a safe and ethical manner. Eats On Feets GLOBAL does NOT sponsor the selling or corporatism of human breast milk.
La Leche League

Healthy Baby Network – providing individualized case management for vulnerable mothers during prenatal care, in the Rochester NY Region. Check out this short film on You Tube:

BFAR – Breastfeeding after breast reduction/surgeries

Your Rights as a breastfeeding employee

New York Milk Bank

Rochester Chapter of ICAN

Holistic Moms of Rochester

Holistic Moms of Rochester West

Network of Independent Birth Professionals

New York State Association of Licensed Midwives

Childbirth Connection

The Brewer Pregnancy Diet
(see also our information page for PDF articles on the Brewer diet )

Citizens for Midwifery

Spinning Babies

Plus Size Pregnancy

Well Rounded Mama – a great resource for women of size!


100+ Essential Online Resources for Midwives

Homebirth Only!

Free Online Infant CPR course

Human Milk 4 Human Babies – Informed Milk Sharing  (New York Chapter)

Positive Birth Movement -United Kingdom

Parallel – Pregnancy loss support

Post Partum Progress – Support for postpartum women

Safe Journey – Domestic violence support & resource

Alternatives for Battered Women – Domestic Abuse crisis support5-425-1580585-425-1580

Mapping Health: Mapping Maternity

EPA – stop smoking

NOCIRC -information on Circumcision

Evidence-Based Birth – a great resource on research on a variety of topics.

LGBTQIA = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual – an excellent glossary for those interested: 

Films & Trailers

Unbreaking Birth

Birth By the Numbers
Dr. DeClercq
Understanding Contemporary US Birth and the Role of Midwives
by Dr. Eugene Declercq 3/6/14
Over/Under use of cesareans – WHO
Why you are Circumcised

Guerrilla Midwife
Guerrilla Midwife
A new film about midwife Robin Lim
View the trailer

Initation of breastfeeding within one hour of birth reduces infant mortality rate by 22%

Orgasmic Birth
Orgasmic Birth
A film by Debra Pascali-Bonaro
View the trailer
Pregnant in America
A film by Steve Buonagurio
View the trailer

The Other Side of the Glass
The Other Side of the Glass
A film by L. Janel Martin
View the trailer

A Film by Helen Knowles
View the trailer

The Business of Being Born
The Business of Being Born
A film by Sabrina McIntyre
View the trailer

Prevent Cesarean Section
Prevent Cesarean Section
Watch the video


Photo montage of moms who have had their twins or triplets naturally (most were unmedicated and with as few interventions as possible), many against great odds! Dedicated to all the moms of multiples …