RABN statement on Birth Centers


While there are no Free Standing Birth Centers in the Western NY area, Rochester Area Birth Network supports future development of this option for women.

As of October 31st, 2016, Rochester Area Birth Network submitted a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo, urging his signature on the bill.  The bill has been passed, and is now before the Department of Health. We will keep you updated as we know more.

October of 2017 brings us more research on the subject, discussed here, by Henci Goer.

Read RABN’s statement in support of a free-standing birth center for the Rochester, Western, and Finger Lakes regions of NY. Birth Center Statement

In addition to existing research, new research has found that :

“Women intending to give birth in an FMU had a significantly higher likelihood of uncomplicated, spontaneous birth with good outcomes for mother and infant compared to women intending to give birth in an OU. The likelihood of intact perineum, use of upright position for birth and water birth was also higher. No difference was found in perinatal morbidity or third/fourth degree tears, while birth interventions including caesarean section and epidural analgesia were significantly less frequent among women intending to give birth in an FMU.”

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