Beautiful Birth Choices, Sue Fox, RYT – Alison Spath, RYT, CD(DONA) Our weekly prenatal yoga classes are sequenced and designed for your changing body and growing baby.  Each yoga practice consists of safe, gentle postures that will also include some breath work and mindfulness meditation.    In our classes you will learn skills and techniques you that will be able to draw on and use during labor and the birth of your baby, or any time during your pregnancy when you might be feeling nervous, anxious or stressed.No prior yoga experience is necessary, our classes are safe for all trimesters.  Come and be a part of our community that extends far beyond the mat.  Sue Fox585-748-2573 or Alison Spath – 585-451-9968

Flower City Yoga – Prenatal Yoga or 585-264-1166;   2851 Clover St. , Pittsford NY,  14534 ; Flower City Yoga offers Prenatal Yoga and Baby and Me Yoga. We provide a safe and welcoming environment for women to support women through pregnancy and beyond. Prenatal Yoga can improve the health of both mom and baby and alleviate some discomforts during pregnancy. Baby and Me Yoga is a dedicated time for moms to move and stretch, all while bonding and playing with their little ones.

Sarah Lamb, Inner Bloom Yoga and Healing- and, 585-727-0790 Reflexology sessions on prenatal and postnatal moms, babies and children, focusing on face and feet to help massage the whole body by working reflex points to alleviate discomfort and open up the energy centers. Also offer training sessions for parents on their babies and children to help with chronic issues like constipation, digestion and sleep. Offer one hour training workshops for parents on Reflexology and Yoga for better sleep, digestion and elimination for their infants and children. Reiki sessions for all ages to help balance the physical body, alleviate chronic discomforts and bring about emotional balance. Reiki trainings for adults in levels 1, 2 and 3.

New Moon Healing~Founder Kara Karaoguz is a Registered Nurse and is certified as a doula, childbirth educator, consultant, yoga instructor and energy healer. Highly qualified to share her knowledge, Kara offers Yoga for Beginners, Prenatal Yoga, Gentle/Postnatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and basic meditation classes. Privates only. Group classes coming soon!  Please visit for more information about how Prenatal Yoga is one of the best practices to prepare for labor and childbirth. Email: Telephone: (585) 820-6085