Prenatal Resources

Pregnancy is a joyous time in a woman’s life! However, it can be stressful. Educate yourself on how to stay healthy and low risk by taking advantage of the many prenatal services available in our community. For more specific information check our website, or the Community Resource Brochure and request additional documents.

General Education

Beautiful Birth Choices, Julia Sittig, MSW, CD(DONA), LCCE – Christy Muscato, CD(DONA), LCCE, ND, CNHP – Laura Schwartz, CD(DONA), LCCE.   We are pleased to offer comprehensive Natural Childbirth Education seminars in a five week series, one day class, or private instruction using a variety of childbirth methods and comfort measures.  Classes are taught at our studio and training center at 1100 University Ave., Rochester 14607.  Instructors are Lamaze certified educators, certified DONA doulas, with valuable years of birthing experience.  Julia – julia@bbcroc.com585-613-1051. Christy – christy@bbcroc.com585-576-0665

Bradley Method Childbirth Educators –Learn how to stay healthy and low risk! Offering Healthy pregnancy classes monthly and full Childbirth Classes throughout the year. Pregnancy & Birth related research, & writing services available. Monroe County:  Fairport 585-425-7105 AmyV. Haas, BCCE, website:

New Moon Healing~Founder Kara Karaoguz is a Registered Nurse and is certified as a doula, childbirth educator, consultant, yoga instructor and energy healer. Highly qualified to share her knowledge, Kara offers two informative options for childbirth ed learning: the comprehensive Empowering Childbirth Education and the refresher Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth Workshop. Yoga classes are catered to meet your ever changing needs. Intuitive Doula services are prioritized as the most important on her business calendar. Please visit for more information. Email: Telephone: (585) 820-6085

Healthy Baby Network , 339 East Avenue Suite 203,Rochester, New York  14604, (585) 546-4930, Fax:  (585) 546-3021 We provide community leadership to achieve optimal health for babies and their mothers. We promote care, education, and services that are high quality, comprehensive, and accessible. We focus our efforts on eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in birth outcomes to achieve community-wide health equity.  The Healthy Baby Network hosts a comprehensive resource directory of perinatal and support services on our website.

The Birthful Podcast with Adriana Lozada | Talking with Maternity Pros to Inform Your Intuition Women get bombarded with all sorts of advice on maternity: a lot of it unsolicited, and often outdated or just plain incorrect. In the Birthful Podcast, Adriana Lozada talks with pregnancy, birth and postpartum experts to distill that information down to the relevant stuff. Think of us as your own specialized team of birth pros!

[click here for a complete list of Independent Childbirth Educators )

 Pregnancy Nutrition

Healthy Birth of Rochester – Pregnancy nutrition information, focusing on problem and prematurity prevention. Amy V. Haas, BCCE, 585-425-7105, ,

Birthful Podcast on Nutrition during Pregnancy

 Specialty Education

Plus Size Pregnancy information:


Rochester Home Birth CircleRochester HBC is for anyone who is planning or is interested in home birth, and for families to come and share their home birth experience. We meet on the 4th Sunday each month from 1-3pm at Beautiful Birth Choices, 1100 University Ave, Building 4 – Entrance B. For more information contact…Alison Spath (585) 451-9968  or Laura Schwartz
(585) 330-2104

Seasons of Life – Brigitte Rhody-Garrison, CNM, MS – Midwifery & Women’s Health, Homebirth, Holistic health, Fertility & Wellness. Women’s Health Care for all stages of life! 585-737-0773; 90 Hibiscus Drive, Rochester NY 14618

Welcome Home Midwifery Meg Grindrod, CNM, Sarah Cayer, LM, & Martha Badoukian, CNM.  Homebirth care, Well woman annual exams, Family planning, Special interest in VBAC 585-669-2355; 2425 Clover Street, Rochester NY

Homebirthers of New York (HoNeY) – 117 N Jackson Ave., Endicott, NY  13760, 607-786-7580  ,

The following are all found on separate pages:


Prenatal Counseling/Therapists

  Massage Therapists/Body Work


Breastfeeding Information

                 Postpartum list

 Cloth Diapers, Wraps & Slings

       Birth Tub Rentals

AquaMama: Ease pain, promote relaxation, and give baby the gentlest of births.  Heated and roomy enough for a partner.  Disposable liners and a pump for easy setup and cleanup.  The AquaDoula birth pool has worked for me, my customers, and it will work for you too!  Please contact me (Suzy) for more details: (preferred) or (585) 671-5363.

ELLEN DERBY, CLC, CD (BAI) 17 years of experience helping hundreds of moms and babies get breastfeeding off to a good start.  Comfort, reassurance, and practical pointers and advice in those first few weeks goes a long way in feeling confident and meeting your nursing goals long term.  Working and nursing.  Weaning.  Night time troubles.  Newborns to toddlers.  In-person consultations and phone support available.  Certified Lactation Counselor, Post Partum,  and Birth Doula Services   607-868-7555

Nella & Mark Goho,  Please contact us at 585-466-4646  or to ask questions or to schedule a rental  AquaDoula Birthing Tub – $200 for 4 weeks of rental.  3 weeks prior to due date, return within 1 week of birth.  Check out to get an idea for what the tub looks like and to download a manual.

Family Friendly Playspace

Climbing Vines Cafe & Play,  Michele Caruana,  7217 State Route 96, Victor,  NY,  14564. Climbing Vines Café & Play is a place for parents to bring their young children to play and connect with other parents, as well as a resource for prenatal and postpartum care and support. Nursing Moms and Babes welcome!  585-502-1722

Woman  2376 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618. Women Sanctuary is a community building wellness center that offers free classes, activities, and events through an all-volunteer staff.  We offer a variety of classes and groups in body and mind wellness, support services, community connection, and family friendly events for all ages.

Alternative Healthcare Providers

Amity Engleson, CHom;  585-388-8961 As a homeopath I will take into account what is ailing you at the moment and then combine it with you as a whole on all levels for an individualized treatment.  Homeopathy can treat almost all ailments – inside and outside the body – head to toe.  Great for pregnancy and nursing mothers, infants, children and all the way up to seniors.

 PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION – Karen Miceli CIES (CIES is Certified Independent Encapsulation Specialist) 585-335-5909

Kara Snyder, , CPES, CD(DONA), CCE – Rochester,  NY,  14617.  585-784-0537, Kara specializes in placenta encapsulation. She is certified through placenta benefits as a placenta encapsulation specialist, holds a food handler’s card in Monroe county, as well as certification in blood borne pathogens. Kara prepares your placenta in your home while offering postpartum support. References available upon

 Family Physicians

Scott Hartman, MD; Highland Family Medicine; 777 S. Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 ; 585-279-4740     Our practice provides medical care for women, children and men of all ages, including maternity care. Women seeking to deliver at Highland Hospital and experience a more natural, unmedicated or minimally medicated birth may be interested in seeing a family physician such as myself for maternity care. I subscribe to the principles of the Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative. I hope to help women and families make informed choices in order to have the kind of birth experience they desire.

Assaf Yosha, MD, North Ponds Family Medicine & Maternity Care, 55 Barrett Drive,  Rochester,  NY,  14580,  585-758-0750,
Dr. Yosha has years of experience providing patient centered obstetrical care in the Rochester community.  He has fellowship training in higher risk pregnancies, but keeps to his non-interventional Family Medicine roots, treating childbirth as a natural process. Our office provides high quality and personalized prenatal care.  Our goal is to be present when each one of our patients delivers her baby at Highland Hospital.  We care for women seeking to have a VBAC.  Our commitment extends beyond the birth of your baby with guidance through your postpartum period, including breastfeeding support and newborn care.

 Goods and Services

Lori’s Natural Foods Center, 900 Jefferson Rd., Rochester, NY, 14526, 585-424-2323.  Lori’s is a full size natural food grocer, located in Rochester. We offer a variety of sustainable high quality products and foods. Local products are important and valued at Lori’s. We provide our customers with 100% organic produce as well as vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, raw, and gluten free products that meet a variety needs for our customers. We offer a wide variety of pre-natal and post-natal supplements, vitamins; pre-natal and post-natal teas; a range of natural and organic baby and toddler products. “Be good to the earth, be good to yourself”

Smallprint Rochester – Alicia Thompson 585-402-9028;  Smallprint Rochester is a locally owned and is unique in every way. We capture a child or love one’s fingerprint in pure silver which is then carefully handcrafted.  The jewelry is designed to allows a child or love one’s fingerprints to make a direct impression into the silver without using a cast or a mold. The jewelry is not limited to fingerprints; its range consists of pieces bearing hand and foot prints, drawings, writing and caricatures.  The actual jewelry pieces that hold these precious imprints consists of necklaces, pendants, charms, dog tags, cuff links, key rings and more.

Also available from Rochester Area Birth Network: “Nutrition during pregnancy”, “How to stay healthy and low risk”, lists of Independent Childbirth Educators, Doulas, and Midwives, and Postpartum careproviders.  See for full list.