Align Chiropractic, Allison Fleming, DC,  2005 Lyell Ave Suite 115, Rochester,  NY,  14606;  585-458-2679, ,  Align chiropractic is a female-owned and operated office located conveniently on the westside of Rochester.  Dr. Allison is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and is certified in the Webster technique.  The Webster technique is a gentle chiropractic approach used during pregnancy to help optimize the mother’s pelvic function. It aims to balance pelvic muscles and ligaments to potentially improve birth outcomes.

Chosen Spot Chiropractic & Wellness – Melissa O’Loughlin, DC, CACCP, 23 Coach St. Canandaigua, NY 14424,  585-394- 2030  Offering  chiropractic care for the entire family with gentle, low-force adjusting techniques.  Specializing in Applied Kinesiology.  Specialized certification in pediatric and peri-natal care, including the Webster Technique. Her practice focuses on her passions – family wellness, empowering women and children, and educating the community about natural and intuitive healthcare.

Dr. Nicole Clemente, CACCP @ Rochester Chiropractic & Pregnancy, 2139 North Union Street, Suite 7A, Spencerport, New York 14559; 585-617-3494; Fax:  585-617-3496; email:; website:  Dr. Clemente is trained and certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, to provide specialized care for pediatrics and pregnant women throughout and post pregnancy.  She is also trained in the Webster Technique. Dr. Clemente is also a Trained Doula and has trained in craniosacral therapy.
Dr. Paula Derleth CACCP & Dr. Phil Derleth-– Located at the East Side Wellness Center, 625 Ayrault Rd,  Fairport, NY 14450(585) 598- 3535.   We are have been proudly serving the Fairport community for 9+ years.  Dr. Paula Derleth and Dr Phil Derleth ICCSP (husband/wife team) specialize in pregnancy and pediatric Chiropractic care, and have both been certified in the Webster Technique.  We believe spinal manipulation is the foundation for optimal health and wellness, and also provide nutritional advice.  Chiropractic is method for facilitating the body’s ability to heal itself.   We are also happy to have a multi disciplinary office that offers; chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition and a doula (to name a few).  Our center will be holding educational and fitness classes as well.  You can check us out at

East Avenue Chiropractic – Dr. Joshua Rittenberg  1641 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14610. 585-473-7746.  More info at Email  Dr. Josh specializes in the treatment of repetitive overuse injuries, fitness injuries, and pregnancy.  Dr. Josh is certified in the Webster Technique, is a member of the American Pregnancy Association and the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association. East Avenue Chiropractic has 2 massage therapists experienced in pregnancy massage.

Fullness Life Chiropractic & Wellness – Dr. Nicholai Sorochinsky, Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist.  100 Linden Oaks Drive, Suite 203, Rochester, NY 14625, phone 585-672-5301. Website:  Email:   Fullest Life is dedicated to helping you achieve all your wellness objectives.  Here you will find the best combination of mainstream and alternative perspectives.

 Dr. Alyssa N. Hickey Chiropractic, 500 Helendale rd. suite 260,  Rochester,  NY,  14609. 585-654-6670. Dr. Hickey is certified in Webster technique, a technique that provides chiropractors with a gentle and effective way to restore pelvic function, allowing specific muscles and ligaments to relax and for the uterus to be in the most optimal position for the baby’s growth. Webster Technique decreases many discomforts associated with pregnancy, encourages ideal alignment and assists in decreasing complication in the birthing process. Dr. Hickey’s goal is to educate mothers in the proper functions of their bodies during pregnancy, and the importance of optimal alignment for maintaining natural and healthy movements, promoting happy mothers and healthy babies.

Monroe County Chiropractic, PC – Dr. Justine O’Callahan & Dr. John Marini. 2132 Five Mile Line Rd, Penfield NY 14526. (585) 383-0420. Dr. Justine O’Callahan proudly serves the Penfield community. She is Webster Technique certified and a CACCP candidate as she completes the vigorous training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She delivers quality and individualized care to all patients but specifically to women before, during, and after their pregnancy. She implements functional neurology to develop care plans for children with development delay disorders. Also at Monroe County Chiropractic is Dr. John Marini, who caters to athletes and the general population.

Pinnacle Hill Chiropractic – Dr. Sarah Tirimacco 1655 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 235, Rochester, NY,  14620. 585-444-7325. Dr. Sarah is specially trained, through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), to treat women throughout pregnancy. She is certified in the Webster Technique and is an active member of the ICPA. She also utilizes nutrition to help women from preconception, through pregnancy and well into the postpartum period. For more information please visit or email her directly at

Rhino Chiropractic, Neurologically-Based Chiropractic, 435 Commerce Drive Suite 150,Victor, NY 14564, 585-420-7926, ;We are a neurologically-based chiropractic corrective care health center focusing on gentle & specific care for the entire family. With a focus on pediatrics & pre/postnatal care, we understand healthy families coming together, stay healthy together. We use one of the most advanced and scientifically proven techniques in the history of the chiropractic profession! It’s the only FDA registered technique to deliver results-driven care.  Dr Ryan had the opportunity to serve an internship in one of the largest pediatric & family practices in the northeast.  It was there, he knew his passion was to see pregnant moms, Pediatrics and full families live life at full charge

Rochester Chiropractic for Women – Dr. Amy Kochersberger 488 Plank Road Webster NY 14580 located just off I-590 and Empire Blvd.  Located just off I-590 and Empire Blvd. We are passionate about helping all women feel great, so they can get back to doing the things they love! Dr. Kochersberger specializes in gentle chiropractic care for women during and after pregnancy, and is certified in Webster Technique! Find us on Facebook for lots of great information:  (585) 787-1310

 Smith Chiropractic,  Dr. Megan Tuzzo,  1260 Rochester St.,  Lima,  NY,  14485;  585-624-7470;  Dr. Megan Tuzzo practices south of Rochester in the small town of Lima. She is experienced in the treatment of woman pre, post, and during pregnancy. Dr. Tuzzo is proud to be certified in Webster Technique from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. The Webster Technique is used to correct pelvic misalignment during pregnancy.  The Webster technique is completely safe and gentle for mom and baby. This certification equips all Chiropractors with a deep understanding of the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, and how to relieve pain and discomfort during this time.

Van Zeilen Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center – 550 Latona Rd. Ste. 404, Greece, NY 14626. 585-227-8290 Dr. Kris Van Zeilen is a global health practitioner specializing in health, wellness and nutrition for the entire family. Chiropractic techniques range from light force to traditional methods. Dr. Kris has a vast knowledge in pregnancy, infant care and Webster technique.

 Vega Chiropractic –Dr. Yasellyn Diaz-Vega & Dr. Edwin Vega Jr.- – 1732 East Ridge Rd. Irondequoit, NY 14622 ,  585-266-2782,   Our main goal is to educate and provide quality chiropractic care towards optimal family wellness.  Providing care before, during and after pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care. Both Providers are members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and certified in the Webster Technique. This technique is a specific analysis and adjustment protocol that is used to improve the nerves, muscles and joints interactions in order to enhance movement and body function in an individual. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effect of the sacral subluxation (SI joint) dysfunction. Doing so, the function of the pelvis is improved in pregnant and non-pregnant individuals.

Wellness for You NOW Chiropractic,  Dr. Joe Manza DC, CACCP ; 585-334-7555; ; ; Dr. Joe Manza holds pre/post-natal, pediatric, and Webster certifications through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. He also has extensive trainings to work with children with neurosensory concerns such Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, learning disabilities, attention deficits, and so forth. We are gifted only one spine and one nervous system which cannot be replaced. Chiropractic adjustments prior to, throughout and after pregnancy, and as early in life as possible will allow you and your family to experience a quality of health you had no idea was possible. It is an honor to be your family Chiropractor. Dr. Joe also has a second office location at 421 Penbrooke Dr., Suite 3, Penfield, NY 14526, which is inside Gateway Nutrition and Fitness.

 West Family Chiropractic – Dr. April Morsch,  166 W. Main St.  Honeoye Falls, NY 14472, (585) 624-8181.  Chiropractic care for the whole family! Dr. Morsch specializes in the care of women during pregnancy, infants and children. She is Webster Technique certified and offers nutritional counciling as well. Dr. Morch can guide your family toward true wellness.