New Fact Sheet Informs Pregnant Women re ACOG Recommendations to Limit Use of Interventions


Childbirth Connection has published “New Professional Recommendations to Limit Labor and Birth Interventions: What Pregnant Women Need to Know,” because, as they diplomatically put it: “Unfortunately, it often takes many years before health care providers reliably carry out the recommendations of professional organizations. So it is important for pregnant women themselves to become informed and take an active role in securing high-quality care for themselves and their babies.”

The fact sheet includes a table summarizing the ACOG Committee Opinion recommendations under the headings “Instead of . . .” and “Many women can benefit from . . . ,” together with additional information expanding on the recommendations in the table. It references other ACOG recommendations supporting delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin contact, and early breastfeeding and closes with a list of additional resources.

(See also CBU’s analysis of the Committee Opinion itself: “ACOG Endorses Optimal Care — Sort Of.”)

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